I am a designer. I studied to be a designer and work as a designer. I love being a designer. The feeling of belonging to the creation of the beauty of the surrounding world cannot be compared with anything.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

It was once popular to define design, and for myself I formulated it this way: design is a creative project activity aimed at humanizing the environment. The interests of the designer are led by a person. He should be comfortable, he should enjoy communicating with the design object. He should enjoy his beauty. Beauty is an irreplaceable criterion for evaluating work, an indispensable factor of emotional comfort.

The main direction of my activity now is graphic design - logo, corporate identity, packaging design.

Industrial Design
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Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Civil Code of the Russian Federation)
Chapter 70. Copyright

Article 1265. Right of Authorship and Right of Author to Name

1. Right of authorship - the right to be recognized as the author of a work and the author's right to a name - the right to use or authorize the use of a work under his own name, under a fictitious name (pseudonym) or without specifying a name, that is, anonymously, inalienable and non-transferable, including when transferring to another to a person or the transfer to him of the exclusive right to a work and when another person is granted the right to use the work. Waiver of these rights is void.

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