Industrial Design

Light-duty forklift trucks

The Head Special Design Bureau (GSKB) for Forklift Trucks (Lviv, Ukrainian SSR).

© UF VNIITE, 1988


An innovative compositional solution to the articulation of the frame and the guardrail — along an inclined line extending from the wheel.
Non-standard painting of the forklift: with a traditional black frame and gray doors — lemon-yellow round elements (wheel rims, drum cover) and a lilac-purple inclined strip — the side surface of the supporting frame.

Low-floor tram


Ust-Katav Freight Car Building Plant (UKVZ) (Ust-Katav, Chelyabinsk Region).
© UF VNIITE, 1987


— Modular construction scheme that allows you to easily change the number of cars on the train.

— Low floor, walk-through.

— Fixed trolleys located in the center of each module, allowing to make the floor in a uniform level along the entire length of the train.

— Biaxial articulations that allow the train on non-rotating bogies to go through S-shaped turns.

— Asymmetric design of the head and last carriages, allowing to increase their length without disturbing the clearance of passing the minimum turning radius on the left side (the side of oncoming traffic).

— Flat surface of the train on the landing side (door side), which allows using the platform, which is at the level of the tram floor, without gaps.

Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Civil Code of the Russian Federation)
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Forklift Truck 8

Проект погрузчика УФ ВНИИТЭ (1988) и погрузчик Linde (2003).