Trademark and corporate identity

© 27.10.

ABEAN LLC (Agency of Accounting Expertise, Audit and Taxation) has been operating in the professional services market since 2000.

Directions of the company:

- economic expertise;

- forensic;

- conducting an audit;

- accounting and tax support;

- carries out activities in the field of management, financial, and tax consulting in all regions of Russia.

mate marketing solutions
© 06.08.

Trademark of the marketing company Mate Marketing Solutions, SLU (Andorra).

Advanced Aesthetics & Academy of Advanced Aesthetics trademark
© 16.10.2019

Educational project and academy for doctors on working with drugs for aesthetic medicine (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Andrey & Natalia
© 16.04.2019

A sign for the wedding of my nephew Andrey and his bride Natalia. 

SEMZ. Trademark and corporate identity
© "Stolzman and Katz", 30.11.2018

SEMZ — Sverdlovsk Experimental Mechanical Plant (Ekaterinburg), a developer and manufacturer of equipment for bakery and confectionery industries.


Factory sites:

Garden trademark
© 18.10.2018

The Garden — beauty salon of Karina Ilika (Ekaterinburg).

Instagram: garden.bs
VK : garden_bs

Trademark and interface

© 12.10.2018

RED ARM MARKET ™ is Russia's first online trading system for the pipeline valves market.

System site:

Trademark "ROZpechat"
© 05.09.2018

Rospechat — flower kiosk. Drawing up bouquets and compositions.

Surname trademark
© 10.05.2018

The family house "Familia" of the "comfort" class is being built in Tyumen by the Meridian Construction company. The house is located in the 1st Zarechny microdistrict of Tyumen, along Muravlenko street, on the second line.

Trademark Nail it!
© 07.03.2018

Nail it! — service for the sale of pigments for art manicures.

Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Civil Code of the Russian Federation)
Chapter 70. Copyright

Article 1265. Right of Authorship and Right of Author to Name

1. Right of authorship - the right to be recognized as the author of a work and the author's right to a name - the right to use or authorize the use of a work under his own name, under a fictitious name (pseudonym) or without specifying a name, that is, anonymously, inalienable and non-transferable, including when transferring to another to a person or the transfer to him of the exclusive right to a work and when another person is granted the right to use the work. Waiver of these rights is void.

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